Treatment Philosophy

At Perfect Balance Psychiatric Services our treatment philosophy is primarily based on the belief that people suffering with mental illness can take back control of their lives with excellent treatment and adequate support from our medical staff who care for their well being.  We believe people seeking help for mental illness or substance use disorders should feel empowered and supported – not be ashamed of themselves or feel embarrassed.

Behavioral health treatment is composed of two main functions:
  • Management of the illness, which often includes medication management and other treatments.
  • Gaining Insight about what in a person’s life led to the crisis and the effects of outside influences, including life events or family dynamics, on one’s illness
While providing evidence-based treatment and intervention to people with behavioral health needs, we also strive to contribute to continued efforts to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness.

At Perfect Balance Psychiatric Services, we choose to focus our efforts on:
  • Screening and early detection of mental illness
  • Treating mental illness in its early stage
  • Educating our patients about mental illnesses and substance use disorders
  • An excellent patient experience and a culture of healing and wellness